Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Muñecas Movibles, Editorial Roma, Barcelona ca. 1955


In researching this paper doll, I came across Joguetmaniatics, an association devoted to antique toys and dolls of all kinds. The website explains that Joguetmaniatics is:

an association founded in Barcelona in October 1993, as one of the activities of the Casa Golferichs civic center, located on Barcelona's Gran Vía.
The journey began with fifteen members, presenting the regulations that were duly approved by the Generalitat of Catalonia.
Joguetmaniatics begins its activities by presenting at fairs throughout Spain, since its partners come from all corners of Spain.
The objective of the association is to promote the collecting of antique toys, encourage their study and research, as well as provide support to its members and all people interested in the subject.
Being a non-profit association, the members are not dedicated to the public appraisal of toys, but to the dissemination and dissemination of antique toys.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Nancy, Children's Play Mate, Feb.1934

I acquired a couple of 1934 Children's Playmate magazines last year, and there was something different...

The magazine cover reads "Play Mate Magazine For Boys and Girls."

By 1938, the cover title was changed to Children's Play Mate. Was there a girlie magazine that already laid claim to the Play Mate title? (Playboy Magazine didn't debut until Dec. 1953.) It could have been a simple redesign, and using "Children's" up top certainly cleaned up the cover of excess verbiage.

I misplaced the February issue, so I didn't post on Valentine's Day. But if you plan to hold a party next year, here are invitations and place cards designed by the great Fern Bisel Peat. 

What are the chances of finding them in a flea market or online? At least now you can copy and print them out yourself!


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

St. Valentine's Day

"This Valentine 
comes from one
who wishes you
a glad 
and happy heart."


Monday, February 12, 2024

Friend Farmer's Funny Folk by John Held Jr., 1921

From THE DESIGNER and The Woman's Magazine, July 1921.

John Held Jr. is more famous for capturing the spirit of the 1920s in his Flapper illustrations (one of which is the signature image for the next paper doll convention in Indianapolis--see the ad on this page).

To my eyes, Held's animals have the same joyful antic energy and vivid character as his Flappers.


Sunday, February 11, 2024

Big Sister, 1932 UPDATED

 This is a doll I've never seen before. Printed on cardboard--could it have been a store giveaway, or a dry cleaners' stiffener for pressed shirts? Marked Doll Series 5J copyright 1932. 

Here's how it looks without lightening--lots of foxing:

The second card I have in the series was cut off at the top, so I didn't read it too closely, but it has more clues: 

"This is the Mother of our 'Londy' family."

So it is the Londy family series. This card is Doll Series 5I, also copyright 1932.
Artwork by Mary Adele Ziegler.