Sunday, November 30, 2014

Signs of the Zodiac by Sandra Vanderpool

This is a lovely set, by the talented Sandy Vanderpool. A costume for each sign of the zodiac, with luscious color in each imaginative design.  You can order from Paperdoll Review by clicking here.

Free shipping on orders of $20 of more, but only until the end of day Monday, Dec. 1. That's tomorrow, folks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Edith Head Fashion Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

It's hard to believe we won't see Tom Tierney's smiling face at another convention. But he was a prodigious worker, and left a few more paper doll books for us to enjoy. This Edith Head book is just published, and a must for those who love movies, fashion and Tom Tierney stories.

I loved seeing his inimitable style in the pages of this book -- especially the Gloria Swanson face from Sunset Boulevard! His Hedy Lamarr is no slouch, either.

And the liner notes are, well, you can hear Tom's voice in the chatty and informative notes about each design. Do you know what Bette Davis did to adjust her party dress in All About Eve?

Tom Tierney knew.

Next to Bette: Elizabeth Taylor's perfect debutante gown from A Place in the Sun.

You can order your copy from Paperdoll Review by clicking here. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

New York Times building, 1906

Times Square before it was Times Square. Astor Hotel in the far right distance. The Metropole Cafe  name lasted into the 1960s, although no doubt with different owners and purposes. As far as I can tell, the ad for Proctors above the Metropole (which might have been a small hotel at this time) is for a restaurant. This postcard has lines of red glitter glued to the front of the Times and Astor buildings, and the Metropole building, too.

Made in Germany, A.C. Bosselman & Co., New York.