Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Dreaming the Future, 2023

Valerie Keller and I are in discussion with a couple of different locations for a Paper Doll Party in May of 2023 – we're shooting for May 5-6 with a slightly expanded schedule by adding a few activities on Friday evening to the traditional Saturday salesroom and luncheon.

As soon as we know for sure, we will shout about it!

We'll post updates here and on our Facebook page:

May be a cartoon of 2 people and text that says 'Retro Space Girls PAPER DOLLS BrendaSnea Hon PAPER DOLL LUNCHEON SAVE THE DATE: May 5-67 2023 LOCATION TBD Dreaming the Future: Space Sci-fi and Futuristic Fashion'

Monday, June 27, 2022

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Remembering Linda Hoerner

Linda Hoerner and Guido Odin at the 2011 convention in Philadelphia hosted by Jenny Taliadoros and David Wolfe.

The paper doll community lost a dear friend last month with the passing of Linda Hoerner. She was an enthusiastic collaborator, creating paper doll souvenirs and centerpieces for Morgantown luncheons as well as conventions that were held around the country. 

The fabulous logo Linda created for the 2017 convention that Val Keller and I hosted in Philadelphia.

Here's a sample of what she contributed toward the 2016 Morgantown luncheon:

Raffle table donations


Later that same year she led a workshop at the Phoenix convention:

Here she is at the Chattanooga convention in 2015, where she also
contributed her talents (souvenirs, name-tags, etc.)

A first place finish in competition:

So many of us recall the surprise gifts and letters, or the uplifting message at just the right moment--the moment when we needed it most. In all the ways that mattered, Linda showed up.

Linda Ocasio: In addition to numerous paper dolls, Linda created other fun items. Two that I have in my collection include large paper snowman earrings to brighten a winter’s day, and a Shrinky Dink charm bracelet featuring a cat with different outfits, complete with tabs! On the bottom of the charm bracelet box she had printed: “Handmade by Linda Hoerner, the self-appointed ‘Queen of Whimsy.’” She was funny and never took herself too seriously. I’ll miss the emails she sent to me, “Linda of the O,” signed “Linda of the H.” 

Valerie Keller: To my surprise Linda sent me a Halloween gift one year: a jointed paper cat with a detachable mouse and a couple of costume hats and a big polka dot bowtie. Linda was like that; she would just send you something out of the blue. She seemed to have a boundless well of ideas, and her sales tables overflowed with paper dolls, greeting cards, bookmarks, earrings, mini paper dolls and much more, all in her signature playful style. She was incredibly humble about her talents. I remember her telling me that her approach was to make things that made her happy, and then to hope other people would like them too. And we did.

One more picture:

Ron Fong and Linda Hoerner at the 2017 convention.



Thursday, June 2, 2022

Flurry Snow and her weekend clothes, 1942


Flurry Snow and her clothes for a thrilling weekend.
Wishing everyone a fashionable and thrilling weekend!