Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Patty Duke Paper Dolls

Publisher: Whitman, 1964

Her Oscar-winning role as Helen Keller is a powerful tour de force, worthy of a seasoned actress, although she was a child at the time. She delighted us in her light-hearted TV show. And when at last she told her own story, she inspired us all over again. Call her Anna.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


A collage I made last year at a workshop at the Art School at Old Church in Demarest, NJ. 

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire occurred 105 years ago in New York City. Factory doors were shut against theft,  and when a fire that began in a trash bin engulfed three floors, the workers -- many of them young immigrant women -- were trapped.  Some jumped to their deaths from the 8th and 9th floors of the building. In the end 146 workers perished. The tragedy was a turning point in labor history. 

In the crowd, watching the disaster unfold, was Frances Perkins. She called that awful day, "The day the New Deal was born." Perkins, who was already involved with aiding immigrants and the poor, would go on to become FDR's labor secretary in 1933, the first woman to hold a cabinet post. 

From The Francis Perkins Center website: 
In 1934, Roosevelt appointed Frances Perkins to head a Committee on Economic Security, where she forged the blueprint of legislation finally enacted as the Social Security Act. Signed into law by the President on August 14, 1935, the Act included a system of old age pensions, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation and aid to the needy and disabled.
In 1938, Congress enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act, also crafted with the support of Perkins, establishing a minimum wage and maximum work hours and banning child labor.
At the time of Roosevelt’s death in April of 1945, Frances Perkins was the longest serving labor secretary and one of only two cabinet secretaries to serve the entire length of the Roosevelt Presidency. In 1944, a piece portraying Frances Perkins in Collier’s magazine described her accomplishments over the previous twelve years as “not so much the Roosevelt New Deal, as … the Perkins New Deal.” She had accomplished all but one of the items on the agenda she had presented to the newly elected President in February of 1933: universal access to health care.

Stencil Paper Dolls Workshop with Linda Hoerner

What darling little outfit will you make in this fabulous workshop?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Making Paper Doll Cards with Bev and Sandy

I am looking forward to this workshop at the Phoenix convention in June! Here's a sample of what we'll learn to do in the workshop hosted by Bev Micucci and Sandy Vanderpool. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Phoenix Convention Workshop Sign Up Sheet

If you have already registered for the Phoenix convention, be sure to fill out and send in the workshop sheet as soon as possible. The official convention packets will be going out later with more information, but it's important that you mail the form below and your check (if applicable) to get into the workshop of your choice.

Copy the form below into a blank word document; printing this entire page will surely use up a lot of ink!


NAME: ___________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________   Telephone: _________________________

PLEASE NOTE: Because these Workshops have a limited number of participants, you should
return this Form as quickly as possible to be able to attend the Workshop(s) of your choice.

Please register me for the Workshops that I have checked below. I understand that enrollment
is limited and that I will be contacted if a Workshop that I have selected has been filled.

CHECK if you
wish to attend.          Workshop Title                                   Day/Time            Limit                Fee

_______     DESIGN A PAPER DOLL'S WARDROBE      Thurs 1-4 pm       30                  $20

_______     GOSSIP AND PAINT WITH RALPH               Thurs 2-3 pm       15                 None

_______     MAKING PAPER DOLL CARDS                     Thurs 2-4 pm       15                   $15

_______     GOSSIP AND PAINT WITH RALPH               Thurs3-4 pm        15                None

_______     TOTAL WORKSHOPS SELECTED                                TOTAL FEES        _______

Please make out check, if applicable, to Jane Alfano Rasor

Please mail check, together with this form, to:

   Jane Alfano Rasor     1949 E. Morgan Drive      Tempe, AZ  85284-8022

Friday, March 18, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

A Dolly Dingle Dollhouse, ca.1920s

Don't forget: Tuesday, March 15 -- tomorrow! -- is the deadline to secure the special Morgantown hotel rate at the Holiday Inn.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Annette Funicello paper doll

Whitman, 1960.

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