Thursday, November 23, 2023

Boots cutouts, December 14, 1941

Thanksgiving is over, and now the Christmas season begins. 
When this Boots paper doll ran in the newspaper on 12/14/41, a tumultuous week in the U.S. passed. Somewhere, a child cut out Boots and her wardrobe, not knowing what was to come next.


Saturday, November 11, 2023

Monday, October 30, 2023

Child Life magazine with paper doll, October 1943

 This 80-year-old magazine has seen better days, but it's priceless record of the war years. There's a quiet optimism and a "we're all in this together" spirit that is lovely to read.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Hildur of Sweden, 1932


This is one of 10 dolls from one of my favorite sets,  Dolls of Many Lands, 1932, Whitman. 

I'll be selling my duplicate pages from this set soon. My preference is to sell on one of the Facebook paper doll groups; if it doesn't sell there, I post on eBay.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Friday, August 18, 2023

Barbie, Ken and Midge, 1963, Whitman Pub.

This will no doubt be remembered as the summer of Barbie.

A few pages of clothing...nice that Barbie and Midge can share outfits:


Saturday, July 29, 2023

Summer frolic trade card sample ca. 1890

This might have been a salesman's trade card sample, with blank space on the bottom for placing the name of a store or brand name of an item such as soap, tea or coffee. The back of the card is blank, and that is usually reserved for an advertising logo and a description (and high praise) of the product.

At 3 x 5 inches, it's also possible it was promoted as a premium--a collectible card tucked into a canister of tea, flour, or coffee.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Summer Girl Sue, 1952 Saalfield


This is a nice-sized book, about 11.5 x 12 inches.

(I'll post the other doll in this book, Winter Girl Wendy, when the temperatures drop!)

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Statue of Liberty, July 1907


Postcard sent July 11, 1907, to Miss Bessie Craig of Roaring Creek, Route 1, Pa. 

No message on the back, but on the front: "Don't forget your promise." 

Signed with initials "GKR" or "SKR" .

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Pennsylvania Paper Doll Party Souvenirs

If you are interested in purchasing a set of souvenirs, email Valerie Keller, valrikat(at)gmail(dot)com. Digital payment options are available.
We have a limited number of souvenirs from the Philadelphia Paper Doll Party to sell. The cost of $60 includes shipping in a protective cardboard mailer. As with every paper doll party and convention, absentee souvenirs help us defray the cost of hosting the event.
You’ll receive 11 paper doll souvenirs, 10 full color pages and one black-and-white:
Here’s what’s included:
Artist Jayne Keller—Dreaming the Future is a one-page black and white paper doll by one of the founders of the Pennsylvania party who has designed a souvenir (and the Dress-A-Doll) since the party first started in 1988.
Artist Renaldo Barnette—Two pages of BrookLynn’s Retro Future Fun, by Renaldo Barnette, a fashion illustrator and professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, pay homage to futurist fashion designers from the past like Courrèges and Cardin. Renaldo’s a newcomer to the paper doll community but a longtime collector of paper dolls.
Artist Linda Hoerner—Linda was an enthusiastic member of the Pennsylvania party organizing committee for many years. She created Mary Mercury before her untimely death last year, and this one-page souvenir represents her last gift to us.
Artist Mary Sienkiewicz—Mary is a longtime paper doll artist. You might have been lucky enough to see her work at previous conventions. Mary’s one-page io MM74 The Android is a delightful perspective on robot fashion, and includes a robot cat, too!
Artist Kwei-lin Lum—Kwei-lin’s extraordinary artwork has been featured in conventions and California luncheons of the past, but this is her first time as a contributor to the Pennsylvania party. Meet Aloe and Qira in the two-page souvenir Future Fashion.
Artist Kevin Wilkins—“Forbidden Planet” is a classic of sci-fi cinema and Kevin Wilkins, who made his first appearance at a Pennsylvania party this year, delivered a delightful tribute to the movie with a two-page photo-collaged paper doll of Robby the Robot.
Katy Keene reproductions—Once we started looking for sci-fi themed paper dolls, it was hard to miss Katy Keene and her spectacular futuristic fashion pages. It’s even harder to find the comic books—affordable and in good condition—that featured these paper dolls, which were cleaned up and printed on sturdy cardstock for our souvenir package.


Monday, May 15, 2023

Fantastic Fashions by Alex Raymond, 1934

Was Dale Arden any relation to Jane Arden? Hmmm, maybe not.
Love the inclusion of the "Earth Costume," but 40 years after 
this paper doll appeared, you would be more likely 
to see the other two sexy outfits at a disco! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Dianne Feinstein paper doll by Trina Robbins, 1989


Dianne Feinstein has been heroic and steadfast, from Mayor of San Francisco (1978-1988) to the U.S. Senate (1992--the present).  

She became mayor of S.F. after the assassination of Mayor George Moscone and City Supervisor and gay rights activist Harvey Milk. 

Did you know: Feinstein authored the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004. She introduced a new assault weapons bill in 2013 that failed to pass. 

Wishing her continued good health as she returns to the U.S. Senate.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Children's PlayMate, May 1942


There was a lot to worry about in May 1942 as the country got on a war footing. 

The paper in Children's PlayMate was more pulpy, as paper was saved for the war effort. But this beautiful Fern Bisel Peat cover showed a gentler world, still going 'round.

A colorful paper doll  by Peat graces the centerfold in the same issue.  

Friday, April 28, 2023

Jim Dandy by Norma Lu Meehan, 2014

This is the back cover of a limited edition paper doll book that Norma Lu Meehan created in 2014 as a tribute to her dear friend. Jim died April 21 at the age of 93, another great loss in the paper doll community. I have many of Jim's Couture paper doll books, beautifully rendered high fashion, illuminated in that special way he had of evoking light in his compositions. 

"Jim Dandy" was limited to 250 copies, but some copies may still be available at Paperdoll Review.


Monday, April 17, 2023

David Wolfe 1941-2023


2015, Chattanooga. 

The paper doll community lost a wonderful friend and artist with the passing of David Wolfe on April 16.

David was the fashion forecaster par excellence, an astute observer of the fashion scene, past, present and future. He was widely quoted in the fashion press as well as in the style pages of the New York Times. Smart and witty, he kept the party moving--and he had great stories to tell about his storied life. David was a wonderful chronicler of his adventures in fashion illustration and forecasting, as you can see here. 

Be sure to explore all of the links to his writing and paper doll art at Paperdollywood.

When I organized my first convention with Sheryl Jaeger in 2008, I knew David Wolfe was the one to emcee the event. I heard him present at the 2007 convention in San Antonio, and he could command the room like no other. 

It wasn't long before he and his best friend, Jenny Taliadoros, organized two conventions, 2011 in Philadelphia, and 2015  in Chattanooga, Tenn.  At many conventions, collectors could find his original paper doll artwork in the silent auction--artwork he generously donated to help organizers cover the costs of the event--in addition to souvenirs that captured the actors and actresses that fueled his dreams as a boy growing up in Ohio. 

When Valerie Keller and I organized the 2017 convention in Philadelphia--with a Swinging '60s theme--he once again emceed and regaled us with stories of his time in London as a fashion illustrator.

With Sharry O'Hare at the 2017 convention in Philadelphia.

David with Ralph Hodgdon and Lorna Thomopoulus in Seattle, 2018.

In the Raffle Room.

This might be Chattanooga...

2008 Piscataway, NJ

The 2017 convention memory board of how we looked in the in peace, David.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Beyer's Hectographen cutout ca. 1920

The German company known as Beyer's sold pens, ink and watercolors among other items; I would imagine it was a busy stationery story with a large inventory. After searching for more information online, I believe it was also a printing company that produced beautiful letterhead for companies. 

This wonderfully intricate advertising cutout when finished would show a young boy in sailor suit at his school desk. 

If you are a German reader and can translate more of the copy on this paper toy, I would love to know more.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Elsie Dinsmore paper doll, 1917

One of my wins in the Patti Fertel auction. This is an advertising paper doll featuring Elsie Dinsmore. Copyright: The DandyLine Co., Chicago, 1917.

You can read more about the fictional character of Elsie Dinsmore here. Her stories were very popular during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

"Wear dresses just like your doll's. You can buy them at Geo. H. Goudy, Beloit, Kansas." 

What a lovely way to pick out a wardrobe--with a paper doll modeling the latest fashions. I wonder how many other stores issued this paper doll to advertise the same dresses. 


Sunday, March 26, 2023

Little Dot's Uncles and Aunts, 1971

This 32-page issue of Little Dot was published in March 1971.

The cover art on Little Dot comic books is bright and lively...
just the thing for the month of March, which seems to go on forever! 
Notice the dollar signs in Uncles and Aunts...
I guess Little Dot and Richie Rich are related!

Is it April yet?

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Friday, March 17, 2023

Good luck to dear Old Ireland postcard, ca. 1914


Another lovely card from Kwei-lin Lum, a consolation of sorts for having to cancel a long-awaited trip to Ireland last year.

This divided-back card is unused, so I'm guessing at the date, ca. 1914. It's marked St. Patrick series No. 4. (The other card I posted today was marked "St. Patrick series -2-")

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning, 1911

 Thank you Kwei-lin for sending me this card after I had to cancel my trip last year.
 I hope to get to Ireland one day...

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Colleen of Ireland, 1932


From the 1932 box set, "Dolls of Many Lands." One of my favorite sets. 
I last posted Colleen 10 years ago. She's a honey.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

FAQs about the 2023 Philadelphia Paper Doll Party



Is this a regional event or the annual national convention?

It’s a regional event, historically a 1-day event in rural PA, but we moved it to an airport hotel, and this year we added activities on Friday afternoon in anticipation of more interest from out-of-state because there is no convention in 2023. But it won’t have all the bells and whistles of a big extravaganza like the conventions, just a few tinkles and some toots.

When does it start?

2pm Friday

When is it over?

4pm Saturday when salesroom closes
(there will be time for sellers to pack up after 4)

How much does the paper doll party cost?

• $125 for attendees, $100 for guests.
• After May 1, the fee for attendees goes up to $140.

What is a “guest”?

• Guests must be accompany a full attendee.
• Guests don’t get souvenirs but otherwise have access to the salesroom and all activities.
• Guests can join us for snacks on Friday evening, and lunch on Saturday.


What’s happening Friday afternoon?

• Show & Share - attendees, you are all invited to share one special item from your collection – something rare, a favorite piece, a childhood

treasure, or something you made... whatever you want to share! Space is limited so please bring only one item or a set of items that doesn’t need to be spread out, so that we have room for everyone.
• Programs - tentatively planning on three 20-minute programs, topics TBD.

Could I give a presentation / program?

Possibly! We still have open slots, all submissions are welcome. We want proposals for something that you yourself would present, not just topic ideas.

What about Friday evening?

Dinner is on your own, but we are hosting a welcome reception with some light snacks, where you can dress up with our theme in mind (more on that further down). As always at Embassy Suites, the Manager’s Reception from 5:30pm—7pm provides two complimentary drinks.

What’s happening Saturday?

Sales sales sales! The salesroom opens at 9am, closes at noon for lunch, and re-opens at 1pm. After lunch there will also be raffle drawings and a silent auction, followed by freebies. The salesroom closes at 4pm. (Sellers will have time to pack up after that.)

When can I see the exact schedule?

We will make announcements as things develop, and provide a tentative schedule in our attendee packet, which will be sent to those who are registered, probably in March. The schedule is always subject to change, but our plans are not all that complicated so there shouldn’t be any major changes.

What’s for lunch?

Lunch will be a DIY sandwich buffet with salads, breads, assortment of meats and cheeses, condiments, chips, and a dessert of cookies and brownies


Can I still book a room at the hotel?

Reserving rooms at the hotel has been a shifting landscape. Call 1-800- 321-3232 to make a reservation, and if you have any issues contact Linda or Valerie.

How much are hotel rooms cost?

Our group rate is $179 per night, and applies to Wednesday May 24 through Monday May 29, and will be honored through 4/25/23. After that date you would have to book a room at whatever the standard rate is at that time.

Will hotel rooms for our group sell out?

It’s possible our room block will sell out and rooms would have to be reserved at the standard prices. The earlier you reserve a room, the better your chances!

What is the fee for parking at the hotel?

We have a discount parking rate of $10/day

Can I ship boxes to the hotel?

Yes, but there is a fee structure. Call the hotel for details: 215-365-4500.

Does the hotel offer free breakfast?

Yes! We were told there is no need for a breakfast ticket, so just show up and you’ll have access to a full breakfast buffet.


Is there a charge for sales tables?

No, but you must reserve in advance. Please fill out the registration form, where you will find a place to indicate that you want a table.

How long is a sales table?

6 feet

Can I reserve 2 sales tables?

It’s too early to know how many sellers will attend or how many tables will be requested, so at this time we are allowing one table per person, with a wait list for a 2nd table. Please fill out the registration form, where you will find a place to add your name to the wait list for a 2nd table if it becomes available.

What will be for sale in the sales room?

Everything from rare antiques to current paper dolls; greeting card paper dolls to boxed sets; paper dolls sold by the artists who made them to current artists’ paper dolls published by Paperdoll Review (Jenny Taliadoros will be there with back issues of Paper Doll Review magazine!). There might even be some hand-made doll clothing, greeting cards, coloring books and other items on offer, but mostly it will be paper dolls galore: just about any kind of paper doll you can think of!


Will there be raffle items?

Yes yes yes! This is an important feature of the event because raffle ticket sales help us cover our expenses. We also plan a silent auction with original artwork and rarer paper doll items.

How does the raffle work?

• Donated paper dolls and pd-related items will be on display throughout the day in the salesroom, and raffle tickets will be on sale.• You buy some tickets, you write your name on the back, and put your tickets in the paper bags of the items you hope to win.

• Drawing: Toward the end of the day on Saturday, in the salesroom, raffle tickets will be drawn and winners will get their prizes to take home with them.

What is the process if I want to donate something for the raffle?

• Send a description of your raffle items to Linda Ocasio in advance so she can make labels (this is a laborious process and it really helps us to do as much of it in advance as possible).
• We ask that you bring raffle items with you rather than shipping to us. We’ll have limited space in our cars.

• Shipping to the hotel is an option, but there is a fee - call the hotel for more info: 215-365-4500

What about freebies?

After the raffle drawing is completed, we will set out the freebie items (also donated), and when we are done setting them up, everyone can look through the piles and take what they want.

What is the process if I want to put something in freebies?

Bring your freebie items with you! No need to tell us in advance.


Will there be room sales Friday night?

Yes. We will have a sign-up sheet that is posted with room numbers.

Will there be room sales on Thursday night or Saturday night?

It is a possibility, but is not part of our official schedule. We may or may not be able to distribute a list, it very well could be word-of-mouth only.


What will be included in the souvenirs?

TBD, we will make an official announcement when we get that all figured out. As it stands now, we have 4 artists lined up: Jayne Keller, Kwei-lin Lum, Renaldo Barnette and Mary Lacro-Sienkiewicz.

Can people who can't make it order souvenirs?

TBD, we will make an announcement when we decide on that.


Will there be theme-related dress-up?

Dress-up is Friday evening, but only if you want to.

How do I dress up for the theme?

Anything goes! Whatever you can think of relating to space, sci-fi or futuristic fashion. Shiny silver, spacesuits, steampunk, or other obvious choices are great. Mod counts, that was forward-looking. Or just wear fancy duds and say that is how people will dress in the future, it’s pretty open-ended. 

Did we miss a question you have? Just ask!