Saturday, November 29, 2008

Greetings by Louise Leek

I was woefully late in subscribing to Greetings by Louise Leek, a newsletter devoted to paper doll greeting cards. It's in its 12th year! Each issue draws on the collection of Louise, Jayne Keller and Rosalie Eppert. (Jayne and Louise did a workshop at the convention.)

I was happy to read in the latest issue (Vol. 12, Issue 2) that even after 12 years they still have so many cards to show.

Greetings is published semi-annually (April and October) for reference purposes only. Two issues for $7. Greetings, 10158 Lady Catherine, Streetsboro, OH 44241.

This Carleton card has been around for awhile, but I was happy to find it once again at a local supermarket (I think it was Pathmark). I like the fact that it's a stapled booklet, not a fold out card, and the artwork is very sweet. And there's an extra dog on the back.

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