Thursday, November 6, 2008

Unicef booklets, 1973

These front and back booklets flip up at the waist to show a small booklet with black and white line drawings and story describing each country. Turn the booklet around and you get a different doll and story. Art and story by Barby and Glen Peterson, for the United States Committee for Unicef.

Juliana and Kwesi are the sides of one booklet, the others: Casimir and Nadia; Shalu and Olav; and Floridor and Hanako. I don't know how many are in this series, but it is very well done.


  1. Do you know if these have any value? I uncovered a set of four in pretty solid condition and was just wondering if there is any kind of market for them

  2. Not sure, always hard to tell with late 20th cent.paper collectibles. I think they would have value for anyone who collects ephemera related to children's play things, children's literature and global outreach during the cold war era.