Saturday, March 13, 2010


What is Craphound? A more than slightly subversive approach to clip art, each issue grouped around certain themes. Beloved by zine makers, collagists, art directors, the usual suspects. This is a 2006 reprint of issue no. 6, which first appeared in 1997. Don't know if editor Sean Tejaratchi has any more issues coming out. 
UPDATE: I just received Issue No. 7, Church and State, from Buy Olympia. $12.

I'm annoyed that I didn't know about this 10 years ago, and even more annoyed that the early issues go for a lot of money (No. 6 is now selling for $25; I paid about $12 in 2006). Interview with Tejaratchi here.

Note the word of warning below...


Bonus TV guide spoof. Yes, I loved Mad magazine as a child. And if you didn't, you might not get the humor here. Sick, sick, sick. What is this world coming to? 

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  1. oh my lordy, that TV guide page is hilarious. The very name *Florpy* makes me laugh ou loud.