Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teen Time, c. 1956

Whitman. One of the first sets I bought on eBay, about 8 years ago. Sweet.

The clothing reminds me of what Peggy wears in "Mad Men," at least in the early episodes.


  1. Oh my goodness. It must be some sort of right of passage. This is the first set I too bought on eBay. Lots of clothes, fun box, and one of those little round plastic stands. I was so giddy when I got them as if I were 7 and saw my teenage future out in front of me.

  2. I know what you mean! I associate this era with the "older" kids when I was growing up, and I think that's part of the fascination. Plus things changed so much in the following decade, style-wise, to say the least.

  3. I loved these--it's amazing how short those shorts were--and in the 1950's!!!

    Thanks for sharing these.

    I've really enjoyed these paper doll postcards!