Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Dainty Dolls for Tiny Tots



 Debbie and Bobby

Love finding scraps and remnants of other sets. These were in the same box as Dainty Dolls. I recognize  Queen Holden artwork, and the tiny dresses were part of a Children's Playmate paper doll. The Scottie and watering can are from the child star Carolyn Lee's set, I believe.

And this was folded inside, too: Blondie's Comic Figures. Wonderfully surreal!

Names and grades were written on the back. A record of a little girl's friends? Or her made up world of paper dolls? Some of the names coincide with the ones scrawled on the back of the dolls.


  1. Oh my.....sighs.....these are just too wonderful. My mind is racing..... I just love all of your posts with the paper dolls. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I absolutely adore these. My sister has some cupie doll paper dolls on postcards--at least they look like cupie dolls! These are so great! Thank you for sharing them!