Monday, March 1, 2010

Fluffy Ruffles Valentine

Yes, I know Valentine's Day has come and gone. But this is Fluffy Ruffles, after all. Thanks to Peggy Ell for alerting me to this eBay auction. This pantin is by Raphael Tuck for the New York Herald, 1907.   
(UPDATE: If you're wondering why Fluffy is special to me, check out this entry from last year.)

It was strung to move as a pantin.I've never found this kind of paper doll with the string to make it a true jumping jack. The ones I find simply have brads.

The Whitton reference book on all things Tuck is priceless. The picture above from that book tells me the arms and legs are not original. I thought she was kind of out of proportion! I'll have to search for the authentic Fluffy parts.


  1. Hola,Esta muñeca me parece preciosa, es sin duda, "la madre2 de todas nuestras Paper dolls.
    Marga Lozano

  2. Exquisite, just exquisite--thank you for sharing these. My goodness--I am feeling inspired.