Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunshine Award

Thanks to Deborah at the Vintage Postcard Gallery for recognizing The Paper Collector with a Sunshine Award!

Now I get to bestow the Sunshine Award on:

Marges8's Blog --Marge has a terrific collection of greeting cards and old paper dolls, and offers easy craft tutorials. Look forward to seeing her at the Kansas City convention in July.

Art Everyday By Sylvia -- I love to see what Sylvia is up to in her art, whether it's collage, painting or photography. Sylvia will also be in KC this year. A reminder to me that art everyday, whether painting or writing, is the path to mastery. 

Muñecas Recortables -- That's paper dolls in Spanish. Marga Lozano has a truly amazing collection. Scroll through her blog for slideshows on various artists. She is knowledgeable about paper doll art from Raphael Tuck to Theresa Borelli and will introduce you to Spanish artists like Maria Pascual. 

Retired in Alaska --Nan is living a dream life in Alaska, and posts some spectacular pictures of life there, in addition to her vintage collection of paper and other things. Check out her Nancy Ann dolls from childhood.

Unlimited Possibilities--inspiration from Linda K. on the creative life and decorating with collectibles. Love to see how she'll arrange that white hutch next, a perfect stage for her vintage postcards and other ephemera.

If you're selected, the rules are simple: post the Sunshine Award emblem on your site, then share the love: Pass the award on to the blogs that bring sunshine to your world, and link to them for your readers to discover.


  1. Pretty Award for a happy paper collector. Cute paper dolls. Enjoyed looking through several pages.
    Thanks for stopping by 'Hawaii'

  2. Thanks so much for this sweet recognition! The blog world is truly amazing with so much to see.

  3. Well deserved! I always enjoy reading your blog even though I don't collect paper dolls. That says a lot right there. I will check out the people you passed the award on to. If you like them, I probably will too.