Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lux soap ads, 1917-1918

Ladies' Home Journal. Yes, another Duke Digital special, this time for Lux soap flakes. The vivid colors and patterns in this ad are delightful. Don't forget to click on the picture for a larger image.
Easy on silk, no rubbing, but you do have a maid, don't you, to handle this little task?

There are many more Lux ads with glorious colors to see at the Duke site, including a June 1917 illustration that was cut out and glued into Ruth Slifer's little scrapbook:

Could these Lux illustrations be the work of Gertrude A. Kay, who did the Pudding Lane cut-outs for Ladies' Home Journal?

And still more Lux:
April 1917.

August 1918.

My schedule at home and work is crazy mad right now, so I'll be posting every other day at best. Hope you'll stick around. I enjoy doing this. Meanwhile, I have another load of laundry to do before the day ends...


  1. That first ad is a riot! I mean look at that lady on the chair - my mum would say "gee, she looks like a barrel of laughs!". I'm lovin' these ads :)

  2. Old ads are so interesting... you see the fashion and hairstyles of the time. These are just lovely!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post all these wonderful pieces of ephemera even though you have a busy schedule. It's very much appreciated.

  4. These are lovely. WOW! I enjoyed every bit of this post.

  5. I adore the old Lux ads. I love the color scheme and the Art Nouveau-like fluidity of the illustrations. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!