Sunday, November 28, 2010

Anita Stewart, 1916

"Our Fourth 'Movie' Paper Doll," The Ladies' World magazine, Dec. 1916. It's interesting how everyone was still settling on whether it would be "movie" or "movy" in the early days of cinema.

This was published in tones of sepia, gray and white, perhaps to cut costs during the war. The doll is wearing the costume she wore in The Wood Violet (1912). Bottom right: The Girl Philippa (1916) and center, bottom The Combat (1916). The other outfits are from her personal wardrobe, including the opera cloak, top center; a gown she wore for a photo session (see color image below), top right; and a beach cover-up, bottom left. You can read more about Anita Stewart's career at The Silent Collection.