Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dover Publications Secret Sale

 Well, not THAT secret. $20 off orders of $40 or more, if you use the coupon code. That's the best book deal I've heard of in a long while. The sale ends Nov. 30.

I love Dover's enormous selection of paper doll books, copyright free vintage graphics (like the one above), stickers, stationery and wrapping paper. And of course classics of world literature. 

Here's a sample of what I ordered tonight:

A beautiful alternative to traditional Christmas wrapping.

Here's Halle Berry in Bruce P. Jones' excellent Action Stars. Bruce is a regular at paper doll conventions, and his souvenirs are highly coveted. 

Kwei-lin's paper dolls, now on postcards! Kwei-lin is also a regular at conventions, and it's always exciting to see her perspective on a familiar topic, whether fortune cookies, West Side Story or the Day of the Dead. Her work is prized among collectors.

The Glitter Snow Princess by Eileen Rudisil Miller, new to me. I think her work is absolutely lovely.

Darcy May's enchanting artwork, another artist I'd love to meet at convention.


  1. Wow you are getting some lovely items. love the Christmas Fair Sticker Doll. How do you store these?

  2. I'm going to use some of these stickers on Christmas cards, others will be easy to store in plastic containers if necessary. It's the old, fragile paper dolls that require special care in archival binders and boxes.

  3. I'd be making some William Morris long underwear to preserve the uh modesty of the action figures.
    Thanks for the tip. I'm sure they have something I need.