Monday, November 22, 2010

General Post Office, N.Y.C., c. 1920s

This fine building will one day be the gateway to New York's Penn Station.  The Farley Post office will be transformed to Moynihan Station, after the late New York senator who campaigned vigorously for it.
More than 45 years ago, the original Pennsylvania Station was demolished, a glorious structure whose destruction led to the historic preservation movement in New York City and helped save Grand Central Station. I have several postcards of the old Penn Station  framed and hanging in my dining room. Forgotten NY has a good history. For more about Moynihan Station, check out the Municipal Art Society web site.

And speaking of post offices: Today would be a good day to mail in your registration for the 2011 International Paper Doll Convention. Registration goes up after Dec.1

Garth Lax's email blasts about the upcoming convention begin next month, but he's sending out a heads up, which I've copied below. To get on Garth's email list, contact him at garth_lax(at)yahoo(dot)com

                        LET  FREEDOM  RING!
The formal Convention Email Series will begin in early December.
However, since the Convention pricing has an early Registration
price break, plus a premium for early Registrants, I thought that
I should get this information to you now.
The Convention will be held August 17 to 21 at the Embassy Suites
- Philadelphia Airport, 9000 Bartram Avenue, Phiadelphia, PA 19153.
The early Registration is $275.00 USD and that includes five days
of Paper Doll fun - - a Paper Doll total immersion - - with Workshops,
Competition, Sales Room, Souvenir Books (wait 'til you see them!),
Programs that you won't want to miss, a Reception Party, Tote Bag,
and 3 Banquet Meals.
That breaks out to $55.00 per day for what amounts to a Paper Doll
Theme Park!  That beats Disney, Sea World, Universal, and all the rest,
and at this "Theme Park", you get some great meals as well !!  
However, if you wait until December 2, the price will be $295.00.
So - - if you're planning on coming to Philadelphia, register now.
For those who Register by December 1, the premium that they'll
receive will be a special Paper Doll by David Wolfe - - only for those
who register early.  (David does beautiful work; this special
paper doll will be a real treasure.)
There's a Registration Form at the end of this Email.
If you're a little cash-shy as we approach the Holidays, you can use a
major credit card, which should delay the actual payment until 2011.
But - - do it by December 1 to get the lower price and the souvenir !!
You also can register on-line, and use credit card or Pay Pal.
To register on-line, go to, and
click on the Convention 2011 category link.
Now, for the Hotel, the Special Convention Rate is $119/day.
The rate will be available to you for the Convention Days, plus
three days prior and three days following.
Your Embassy Suites unit will be a suite, with a spacious bedroom,
living room, bath, microwave. coffeemaker, and small refrigerator.
The Living Room sofa will convert to a bed, so the room can be shared
by four people, which would bring the individual price down to about
$35 per night. Plus, you get a cooked-to-order breakfast each morning
and the manager's reception (happy hour) late each afternoon!
That's a price that's hard to beat anywhere!
You should make your room reservation directly with Embassy Suites
- Philadelphia Airport at (215) 365-4500. Be sure to get the
Special Convention Rate.
I recommend that you make that reservation early.
Have a nice Thanksgiving here in the U.S. 
You'll receive the first formal Convention email early next month.
- - Garth
                               August 17 - 21, 2011
                  Embassy Suites - Philadelphia Airport
                               9000 Bartram Avenue
                            Philadelphia,  PA  19153
                          CONVENTION REGISTRATION
CITY_______________________STATE_______ ZIP/PC__________
Registration:  $275.00 USD (until December 1, 2010)
                    $295.00 USD (after December 1, 2010)
Absentee Registration:  $155.00 USD
  (Absentee Registrations are limited.)
Guest Registration (Meals, Reception Party) $150.00
  GUEST NAME:__________________________________________
Make Checks payable to:  2011 Paper Doll Convention
____ Check/money order enclosed
____ Credit Card #____________________________Exp.Date______
        (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx accepted)
        (charge will appear on statement as "Paperdoll Review")
Mail to:
David Wolfe
P.O. Box 2279
New Preston,  CT  06777

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