Saturday, November 20, 2010

David's Convention Tidbits #2

Above: A page from  Hollywood Style Paper Dolls  by David Wolfe.

Below: David's Convention Tidbits #2

Hat’s Off for the Red-White-and-Blue!
Among the presentations and workshops planned for the 2011 Paper Doll Convention to be held August 17-21st, there will be an opportunity to create a patriotic chapeau.  Renowned artist, Judy M Johnson, will conduct a workshop wherein participants will be encouraged to design and execute a hat in red-white-and-blue. Judy’s talent, creativity and enthusiasm will make this millinery experience into a fabulous fun time.  Wannabe mad hatters will be given a “basic” hat and then the fun will begin. Trims of all sorts will be made available and Judy will encourage creativity to run wild. Attendance for this particular workshop will be limited to 20 and there will be a fee of $10.00. Details and sign-up sheets will be available in the convention info-packets that will be sent to registrants next spring. The finished chapeaux are meant to be worn at the evening banquet when conventioneers will be requested to wear red-white-and-blue outfits as a patriotic salute to Philadelphia, the site of the convention.
Getting to know your favorite artists!
Who are the personalities behind the names of the artists who create today’s paper dolls?  How did they start?  What are they working on next?  Do they prefer to use paints or colored pencils?  Do they work on paper dolls every day?  How long does it take to create a paper doll book? Is it difficult to get published?  Do they collect paper dolls themselves? There are lots of questions to ask artists like Tom Tierney, Marilyn Henry and others.  Conventioneers will get their chance to hear from artists themselves at a Round Table Panel session.  Joining Tom and Marilyn for a discussion and Q&A opportunity moderated by David Wolfe will be Norma-Lu Meehan, Sandy Vanderpool, Brenda Sneathen Mattox, Judy M Johnson, Kwei-Lin Lum, Jim Howard, Bruce Patrick Jones and Charlotte Whatley.

“My Favorite Paper Doll” Competition!
The 2011 Paper Doll Convention will continue the tradition of a competition but with a new slant. Rather than specific categories, all entrees will compete for an overall popular vote. What to enter?  Simple. Your own favorite paper doll. It can be antique or brand new. It can be a valuable treasure or a sentimental favorite.  It can be in mint condition or cut-out and a bit shabby from being played with by loving hands. It can be a hand-made original or a mass-produced favorite. There will be no committee of judges because everyone will be a judge by filling out a form that lists their own top choice. The results will be tallied and there will be Ten Top winners and one lucky paper doll that will be honored as “The Convention’s Favorite Paper Doll,” the recipient of a very special award.

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