Sunday, January 18, 2009

A visit with Paula Hill

The snow fell off and on all day, but that didn't stop me, Joan Burke and Carol Carey from keeping our date with Paula Hill in Harriman, NY.

The belated holiday party was a treat -- Paula and her husband Blaine live in a 19th century schoolhouse. High ceilings, lovely old window panes, rooms with all kinds of nooks and crannies filled with antique paper, dolls, toys, collectibles of all kinds.

I took pictures the old-fashioned (35mm, not digital) way, and hope to post them here soon. I love seeing how other people display their collectibles. I especially like Blaine's collection of Bonzo figures, that funny looking dog from around the 1920s.

Paula had tons of paper for sale in her downstairs shop. We had a blast going through boxes and file cabinets. I found this vintage scrap, among several other items; from the bobbed hair and painted faces, perhaps circa 1920s-1930s.

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