Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Millie the Model

Thanks to Angela in Brazil who sent me on a search for Lili and Zizi in the comic books, which included paper doll coloring pages. I found an excellent site, which leads me to believe Lili and Zizi in Brazil were Millie and Chili in the U.S.  The photographer boyfriend was called "Clicker."

Atlas Tales has 107 Millie the Model covers, and information about writers and illustrators (including the famous Stan Lee and Dan De Carlo) plus an index of the contents of each book, including paper dolls. There was a coloring contest which came to an end in 1958. Top: a 1957 cover; below, 1960.

 Click here for the Atlas Tales web site. (And they have many other comic books indexed.)

Here is a look at Millie the Model over the years, all from the Atlas site:





This 1968 cover is from a blog called "I'm learning to share"
(and we are grateful!)

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  1. love your site! I am selling some vintage paper dolls on ebay for a friend. 1948 Summer Date- original and complete, uncut. Is there a place where I can post this info?

    ebay listing:

    Elizabeth Parsons