Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miss Liberty


  1. This was a wonderful set, so happy someone I knew won it.

    Linda there is an award on my blog for you. I am not sure how these things work but if you copy the Your Blog Rocks Award on my blog you can then put it on your blog. And it is so true your blog sure does rock, it is so varied and interesting. Plus I learn about New York. Thank you for your effort with all the convention blogs also. Marge

  2. This paper doll was one of my very favorites. Linda, thanks so much for posting all of these pictures. They bring back very happy memories of an exceptionally congenial convention. Kwei-lin

  3. Marge,

    This doll was in one of the souvenir booklets, so you have it, too! And thank you for the award!


    It was an excellent convention, and I especially enjoyed Winterthur. Thought it was a great idea to have many artists contribute to a single souvenir, an artists' round-robin, in a way.