Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gloria paper doll by Charlotte Ware c. 1937


  1. You don't get a full notion of the *motion* in the skirt until the outfit is on the doll. Pure genius!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Charlotte Ware's art work! Her clothing is always in motion and that is one reason it appeals to me. It's not only draped on the doll but flowing as well.
    I've been trying for years to get her paper dolls but they are very hard to come by and on Ebay I'm usually outbid. I'm hoping that eventually the dolls will be shared on the web by the owners who have bought them. :) I do, however, have one of her dolls, I believe it is for Saint Patrick's Day and was lucky enough to obtain it...that day is my birthday. :)I bought her because not only was she a Saint Patrick's Day doll but her name guessed it...Nora! :D So you might say the luck of the Irish was with me because ever since then I've always lost the bids on her paper dolls. :)