Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flossie's Thanksgiving Party

Do not adjust your screen. Nothing is wrong with your vision. I just couldn't figure out how to stitch this together.

I miss my old Microsoft paint application, which was easy as pie. With a Mac, everything feels way more complicated. It seems most free programs are for really serious photographers who want to create panoramas. I just want to stitch together old pictures. Sigh. Well, here you have two pieces of an old page from the Philadelphia Public Ledger. The artist is Margaret Carlson, and it dates from the mid 1920s, I would guess.

Here's how it came out when I used Hugin:

A perfect match, but quite askew. I need a few weeks at least to study the tutorial and figure out this program.

Here's a close up of Kitty at the table. Cute!

Enjoy your bird, everybody!

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