Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theme Party, ca. 2017


The UCB was a favorite destination in the Before Times, and I'm sad that it didn't survive the pandemic. It was a cheap comedy date!  I found this advertising trade card at the theater one night, about four years ago, and was excited to see the paper doll motif, of course, even though none of the outfits were drawn to fit the actual dolls. It's still cute.


  1. Very cool, it's always fun to see how paper dolls persist in the collective unconscious in ways unrelated to children's toys or grown-up collectors, or even fashion. I often wonder if in each case the person who thought of it believes they are a creative genius, referencing something so arcane that everyone will be clap them on the back, congratulating them on their wildly unique inspration. In advertising, pds often surface as symbolic of changing jobs or wardrobe-as-code-switching or the notion of "trying on a different hat" or that sort of thing, so to my mind this falls into that realm.

  2. yes! one of my favorites is the New Yorker cover after WW2 ended, imagining how returning GIs would dress as civilians once again.