Monday, September 14, 2009

Allee Willis' Museum of Kitsch

What is kitsch? Think paint-by-numbers, velvet paintings, ceramics in day-glo colors, foreign products with haphazard English (one of my favorites), and quickie marketing ploys to cash in on some craze or fashion. Yes, it can be bad taste, but sometimes it can also be a trend that was innocently embraced by the masses and made someone a lot of money, once...

I can't fly in for the opening of this new kitsch museum in L.A., but the next best thing is browsing Allee Willis' amazing website, and planting her Kitsch O' the Day on my Google page.

There are many links worth exploring here. First off, check out this lady's bio: she wrote Boogie Wonderland and other disco hits, the theme for the TV show "Friends," and collaborated with Brenda Russell, Stephan Bray and Marsha Norman on the Broadway musical, The Color Purple. That's just scratching the surface of all she's done. Also click on some of the hilarious videos she's produced.

You can find Dinah-Mite on Allee's Soul Patch :

What would be a kitsch-y paper doll? Here's one from my collection:

A sticker paper doll I couldn't resist dressing up. Found in a Chinese mall in Flushing, Queens a few years back.

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