Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Muñecas Recortables

A while back I posted items from a blogger in Spain (search for the title, "De Espana" and you'll find the post) who had stopped posting new items, but who had a wonderful archive still online.

Well, Marga Lozano Crespo found my blog, and let me know she has returned with Muñecas Recortables at Over the last several days I've been going through her new blog to catch up.

She has posted video montages of her own collection, in addition to photos. Marga writes about illustrators familiar (such as Rose O'Neill and Frances Tipton Hunter), and new to me, such as Maria Pascual and Manuel Jiminez Arnalot. For anyone interested in Spanish paper dolls, her blog is a must-read. She has excellent information about children's magazines that featured cut-outs.

Here are images Marga posted from a Madrid paper doll exhibit:


  1. Hello Linda, I am Marga Lozano, am grateful to you for this entry in your blog, I discovered you a few days ago and it(he,she) did a lot of illusion to me because it(he,she) looks like greatly the mio. Us a fisma joins interest. I am charmed with sharing with you THE LIFE ON PAPER(ROLE).
    We meet.

  2. I personally do not speak or read Spanish, but thanks for posting this info as I took it to work for my co-workerwho does read and speak spanish. She has a 10 year daughter and I am trying to get both of them interested in paper dolls. They just saw them for the first time over the weekend when they looked at my blog. We need younger people so our hobby does not die out I also enjoyed looking at the paper dolls on this site.