Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lane Bryant 1938 catalog

Love that "outsize" hose. Some copywriter figured, "Let's not mince words here." More pages to come.


  1. Stout? They keep calling them stout. I wonder when the company decided that might to a bit offensive and went with larger size. It's like they're tip toeing around reality. Stout makes them sound like a beer.

  2. 'Stout' used to be a common term for what is now called 'plus sized'. I don't think it was considered pejorative.

    Last time I saw a Lane Bryant catalogue in recent times, their models were all 'average' sized women, so they seem to think that 'plus-sized' women are not the right models for their clothing these days. At least the old ad features larger-sized women wearing the clothing.

  3. I love these Lane Bryant pages. They are so pretty.