Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

A tag I made yesterday for my husband. I kept it simple, so I had no excuse not to do it! The tag was a long ago gift in a zine swap, beautifully painted in shades of pink and gold, so all I had to do was glue on elements from my scrap heap.

Thanks to Nan at Retired in Alaska for the inspiration. Check out her blog to see some absolutely gorgeous tags, and some fabulous pictures of her life way up north.


  1. What a cute tag for your husband! I hope the two of you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

    Oh, and thanks for the tip on Nan at Retired in Alaska. I took a peek - love her blog!

  2. Oh how funny I'm reading along your new blog post and there I am!! Thanks for the mention. Now I must photograph the darling little tag I made out of one of your images down below here. A little red cheeked girl in a red heart so darling I'm going to use her more !! Your tag came out wonderful. I find it hard to make a tag for man but I think yours says it all.

  3. It's lovely - and it makes me think how much money people could save on wedding dresses if we followed this example.

  4. All you need is a big bouquet, for modesty's sake! And a long veil (preferably opaque silk) to bring up the rear. So to speak.