Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Marilyn Henry

Marilyn was an exceptional editor and artist. Here she is at the 2013 convention in Los Angeles, with her Tom Selleck portrait. 

 Here is the Facebook post from Jenny on Sept. 13:

We lost our Marilyn Henry today. Less than two months ago she was diagnosed with advanced cancer and spent nearly a month in a nursing home. Last week she returned home on hospice and passed away gently, her two sons at her side. Marilyn led a wonderfully unique, creative, friend-filled life. She enriched our lives with her art, her magazine, her guidance, and her enthusiasm for classic movies and paper dolls. I'm grateful for our 23 years together as business partners, dear friends and adopted family. Her beloved Paperdoll Review magazine will go on, and I encourage you to share your thoughts and memories, photos and favorite paper dolls for our tribute to Marilyn in our next issue. Email me directly at info@paperdollreview.com.

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