Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi Alexandra!

eople of all ages love paper dolls, but I'm especially pleased to know Alexandra, 14, has been checking in on this blog. She recently asked for advice on cutting techniques, especially since she has arthritis in her hands. I'm wondering if people who share Alexandra's affliction have some specific advice. My hunch is that small scissor points with large handles might make it easier to control the cutting, and ease the stress on fingers.

Be sure to check out one of my favorite blogs, Agence Eureka (see link on side of this page, under Lovely Links). In the last few days, Patricia at Agence has posted some more wonderful vintage paper toys.

I hope to see Alexandra join us at a future convention--this year's event in Las Vegas is fast approaching, so be sure to get your registration in!


  1. rheumatoid arthritis in both hands .She had a pair of very light weight scissors that had nice sharp edges-- perfect for cutting paper!
    I hope Alexandra knows about Google Groups for paper dolls and has joined us or will soon! She will get great tips as well as gorgeous paper dolls &wonderful new friends of all ages.

  2. I have trouble with my hands cramping a lot when I cut too much at one time. Most of my scissors, sewing or fine-tipped are made by Fiskars and have a spring in them. they open by themselves, making it easier on the fingers. I have been told that they are good for those with arthritis, also.

  3. Thank you both for responding! See the post "All About Scissors" for more.